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Our personal profiles


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homogenous team, centered around Mr. Alain SACCONE, is at your service. In order to fully answer your questions and meet your individual requirements, each one of us will be happy to put all our expertise at your service.

  • Alain SACCONE

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    As of 1984 the Agency’s Managing Director has been able to instill in his team a work philosophy based on confidence, dedication, availability, broad -mindedness and attention to the customers.

    After17 years as a general agent and up until today as an insurance broker, he has been achieving an undisputable professional experience proving with his versatility in every insurance field (Private Insurance, Professional and Business Insurance, Contractors Insurance, special liabilities and so forth…)

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 10

  • François ZONDA

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    Working for the Office since 1985, he is in charge of the Claim Service. He controls and manages all accident claims at the Agency. With a training in law, he helps and advises customers when it comes to making an estimate or when a client faces legal procedures. He is specialized in physical injury claims and the management of "Employer’s Liability Insurance", and welcomes your calls.

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 14

  • Stéphanie BAUDU

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    She joined the dynamic Claim Service in april 2010working directly with Mr. François ZONDA. She mainly helps managing Car, Multi-risk Home and Employer’s liability Insurance.

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 12

  • Christine TORZUOLI

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    As of 1983 she has been working with the Subscription Service Department to establish new private policies. Her experience within the Agency allows her to answer all your questions.

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 10

  • Victor PISIBON

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    He joined the Agency’s Subscription Service in February 1990. Thanks to his professional banking background, he has naturally been entrusted with financial investments as well as personal, health and contingency fund insurances.

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 15

  • Christine ZARAGOZA

    2017, by Saccone
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    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 11

  • Agnès LIBORIO

    2017, by Saccone
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    A rejoint le Service Souscription du Cabinet en décembre 2012, suite au départ à la retraite de Georgette CIPOLLINI.

    Après une grande expérience acquise au sein d’un cabinet de courtage de la Côte d’Azur, elle est votre interlocutrice dédiée pour vos besoins en assurance du particulier et des professionnels (des artisans, des commerçants et du monde de l’entreprise).

    Elle analyse vos besoins et vous conseille dans le choix de solutions les plus appropriées.

    Elle négocie ensuite auprès des compagnies, les plus importantes du marché, les meilleures conditions dans le but de toujours vous satisfaire au mieux de vos intérêts.

    Parlant l’italien et l’anglais couramment pour notre clientèle internationale.

    Son contact E-mail : ici

    Ligne directe : +377 97 97 61 16

  • Stéphane BOSCAGLI

    , by Saccone
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    Present since December 2011 in the Agency’s Subscription Service.

    With his experience of over 16 years in another large insurance firm of Monaco, it will be your point of contact for your insurance needs of the individual and professionals (craftsmen, traders and the world of company).

    It analyzes your needs and advise you in choosing the best solutions.

    It then negotiates with the companies, the most important market, the best conditions in order to always satisfy you in your best interests.

    Fluent in English for our international customers.

    E-mail :

    Direct line : +377 97 97 61 17